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Private Voice Coaching

Anji is a classically trained vocalist who believes in helping others discover and train their "true voice". She was fortunate to have received training with Clayton Southwick, Charles Canaan, and Kristi Vensand-Hall, honing her teaching and performing skills into a well-rounded career including theater, a variety of solo and ensemble work at Universities and churches, workshops and keynotes, and a successful solo career as singer/songwriter .  

Drawing upon years of experience and vocal training, vocal coaching will utilize the best classical techniques, while incorporating yoga breath & body work, and vocal health and self-care.   She offers vocal coaching for auditions and performance preparation, as well as those wishing to simply improve their singing for maximum enjoyment.  Whether you are a singer or performer, or you are a public speaker who wishes to command an audience, Anji will help you relax, strengthen and release your empowered voice.

She sees students in person and via Skype. Hourly and package rates are available.  For more information, or to book your Vocal Coaching Session with Anji, please click HERE or send an email to [email protected].


Anji is a gifted, experienced and holistic voice coach.  My life and my voice are forever changed thanks to her guidance.  her individualized lessons combined traditional voice coaching with yoga and breathwork and were perfect for my needs and desires.  I feel stronger and more powerful in voice, body and spirit thanks to our lessons together.  I remember getting choked up and emotional when I first heard my voice sound good while singing Hallelujah...and while singing in front of someone else!  What a breakthrough!  Life changing, and I will never forget it!

Emelia Sautter, Cedar Rapids, IA

Anji is a phenomenal presenter and vocal coach.  Her "Free Your Voice" workshop and the methods she taught are unique, relaxing, and magical.  Everyone in attendance unanimously agreed it was a one-of-a-kind experience.

Jennifer F., Atlanta, GA

I am a sound healer, and I am grateful for private voice coaching with Anji.  Her coaching enhanced my ability to bring a more powerful presence to my sound healing work.  Anji integrates breath and body mindfulness with the voice.  Her creative feedback was most helpful as she observed my own practice.  Thank you, Anji!

Kathy Broghammer, Cedar Rapids, IA

Anji is a patient, gifted vocal coach with an amazing voice herself.  I would highly recommend Anji for anyone who is looking to improve their breathing, and polish their vocal skills.  You are going to love working with Anji, and you'll love the results!

Sue R., Tampa, FL