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Press - Undone CD Review, Empower Music & Arts

Undone is Anji’s second CD, produced at the sprawling studio complex of Humanity Music, in Los Angeles - Daniel Nahmod producer/engineer.

This is one of the best marriages of artist, songs and production I’ve heard in a long time. Daniel makes a beautifully mixed and mastered pop/folk album and handles Anji’s voice with the respect it deserves. Most of the cuts on this project would blend into pop or country radio playlists without notice. My congratulations to Anji and Daniel for keeping the bar raised for the quality of music we are contributing to the world.

Anji can lay down a sultry love song like My Everything, or belt out the blues in Going Down (co-written and sung with Tom Kimmel). She can be vulnerable like on Undone. And go all Eva Cassidy on us like in her cover of the Joni Mitchell classic, Woodstock.  Anji Kat has a voice you never get tired of listening to. Add that to top-notch songwriting, and great production, and you have a CD for road trips, gatherings at home, or listening in your office, as well as giving you an idea of the caliber of performer Anji Kat is in case she is touring in your neck of the woods.

There are a couple of great songs with social action messages like I Have a Name and Sing You Home. But mostly this CD has a reflective, biographical tone that focuses on family, relationships, taking stock of one’s life and the compass one may use for the journey onward.  

The Other Woman is my favorite cut and one of the best Father/Daughter songs I’ve ever heard. Complex family issues are handled with beautiful care and delivered with a heartfelt performance. It’s produced with just Anji’s guitar and voice. Co-written with Daniel.

Like the Tide Loves the Moon – even the title screams for cello and Anji and Daniel deliver with a wonderfully expressive performance by Peggy Baldwin. A lovely metaphor for a love affair that doesn’t know whether to end or start over.

Sing You Home doubles as a mother’s cry to her child, a wife left behind by war, an ex-lover or friend who’s lost their way because of addiction. Anji delivers an impassioned and compassionate plea.

The Vow (I Will) – great wedding song, though falls a little short of the simplicity that makes “Still the One” for instance a standard.

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