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Musical KeyNotes and Workshops

"Sing You Home"

Anji's signature KeyNote takes you on a journey of how she became a singer-songwriter.  Weaving her songs with the stories that inspired them, she shares her story - our story - of navigating life's challenges, coming home to our beloved self, and realizing our true life purpose.

"That's Who I Am"

A wonderful wisdom talk regarding our innate powers of manifesting and engaging the "science of life".  Based on the title track of her debut CD, participants are invited on a journey of self-discovery to arrive at a beautiful new perspective and appreciation for who we are, and who we are becoming. 


Free Your Voice - Yoga and the Art of Self-Expression

This workshop experience, though geared towards singers, performers, and speakers, is profoundly beneficial to all who attend.  Freeing the voice not only involves breath work and vocal exercises, but has as its foundation self-empowerment.  Drawing from timeless yoga traditions, participants will explore breath work techniques, basic yoga postures and principles of energy pathways and centers in the body to arrive at the center of their personal power, from which our powerful voice may now be freed.

These are just a small sampling of the many types of workshops, talks, retreats, and keynotes that Anji Kat offers.  If you or your organization have a topic in mind that is similar to her list of themes in the right side-bar, please feel free to contact Anji to brainstorm ideas for your special event.

Songs for a Cause

I have had the great privilege of doing charity work and benefit concerts/speaking engagements over the years for those affected by homelessness, addiction and mental health challenges, such as anxiety and depression.  I believe strongly in the power of music to heal, and also that we are put on this planet to help one another.  Bringing awareness and light to these topics help bridge the gap and fuel connection and community, which is of benefit to us all.  

A great many of my original songs are about honoring where we are on life's journey, no matter how challenging, and contain messages of hope, healing and inspiration.  I would love to share my music through my KeyNote Concerts for your organizations next fundraiser or conference. 

Please click HERE to contact me about performing for your special event.

Anji's workshops are playful, magical and mystical experiences that are designed to guide participants into the joy of self-discovery.  They often include music, poetry, stories, solo and group exercises, laughter yoga, gentle yoga breath work and postures, meditation, singing, and any number of creative activities.  

You will find specific themes in her workshops, keynotes, concerts and retreats, such as:


  • Self-love
  • Empowerment
  • Acceptance
  • Radical Self-care
  • Spirituality
  • Adventures in Creativity
  • Health & Wellness