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Giving the Gift of Music:

The Gift is in the Giving



I am so so grateful for your generosity, and for every person that donates 

$5, I will gift you my newest CD "Undone"!

If you are blessed and able to share more, please tell me how I can show my appreciation!  If you are able to give $50-$100, I will give you and your friends a Private House Concert.

I would also be willing to donate my time to personal or group yoga sessions...anything to say "thank you" for your kindness!!

Many of you know that I have a special place in my heart for those who are struggling with homelessness (or on the brink), and mental illness, and I have done a lot of charity work in those areas over the years.  In fact, one of my favorite songs on my CD Undone is "I Have a Name", which was written for those individuals who are struggling to survive due to a variety of social, health and economic barriers.

I know the power of the collective when we come together for a cause.  Indeed I was the beneficiary of such kindnesses when I struggled with job loss, financial and other personal losses in 2016.  My friends and family rallied around me and I am forever grateful for the assistance received during that dark time for me.

So now, I wish to pay that forward.

I have a dear musician friend in Florida (in respect of her privacy, shall remain nameless...she doesn't know that I'm doing this for her) who is really struggling right now.  She had been out of work for a several weeks and ended up selling her guitar and amp just to make ends meet and pay her rent.  She has tirelessly been looking for regular full-time work, and recently landed a new job...but it doesn't start for 2 weeks, and she bills mounting, AND has an emergency dental surgery that needs to be completed as soon as possible!  Without health insurance, and even with low-cost clinics, she is looking at around $500 to get that procedure done.  She's in quite a bit of pain right now and running out of time and money.  

I am seeking donations on her behalf so that she can get this procedure done and not be in pain, so she can focus on moving up and out of her current situation to higher ground.    I would also love to see her get a guitar back in her hands so that she can share her God-given gift with the world, but right now there are more pressing needs.

Please search your heart, and if you can share anything, even $1, it would go a long way to helping her.  Thank you so much for your generosity!!